Pradeep Jangbari Honored at 2022 Fall Steak Roast


At the GVC NYWEA 2022 Fall Steak Roast, those gathered used an intermission between technical presentations to honor Pradeep Jangbari of NYSDEC for his long distinguished career at NYSDEC and the assistance he's given and constructive partnership he's offered to countless wastewater treatment facilities throughout the Genesee Valley. NYWEA President Khristopher Dodson and GVC NYWEA Chair Mike Hershelman read aloud tributes to Pradeep and thanked him on behalf of NYWEA for his years of NYSDEC service and NYWEA participation. Best of luck in retirement, Pradeep, and we hope this means more time to dedicate to NYWEA!


GVC NYWEA would like to thank presenters from Arcadis, Monroe County DES, Larson Design Group, Koester Associates, Siewert Equipment, and BCR Solids Solutions for delivering technical presentations at the event. Special thanks to GA Fleet, Aftek, Arcadis, and Koester Associates for sponsoring the event!