WOW Meeting - Recycling


This meeting will be held on April 11th from 12:00 - 2pm at 145 Lake Avenue in Rochester, NY.  The paradigm building is the Victorian building across the street from our Lab and 179 Lake Ave.  Lunch will be provided and parking is accessible on the side of the building, as well as street parking. Come join us as we learn to recycle properly!


Luann Meyer from the Monroe County DES will share the growing problem of contaminated recycling that is a worldwide issue. Luann is Monroe County’s Solid Waste Administrator, overseeing the operation of the County’s integrated environmental infrastructure including a landfill, recycling center, transfer station, yard waste composting facilities, as well as the ecopark. In her presentation, she will provide a history of Monroe County’s curbside recycling program, dating back to 1992 when a law was implemented making recycling mandatory for residents, businesses, and institutions.


The recycling industry has evolved over the past 30 years with new sorting and processing technology, making recycling more convenient than ever for residents. At the same time, new types of packaging, mixed messaging, and the phenomenon of “wish-cycling”, have contributed to the increasing trend of contamination at the recycling plant. Coupled with a global recycling market crisis, this has propelled recycling into a crossroads. Find out what this means for recycling in Monroe County and put your knowledge of local recycling rules to the test with a mythbuster game. You’ll leave feeling empowered to recycle right!



Event Date: 
Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Event Location: 
145 Lake Avenue, Rochester, NY
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